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Community Guidelines

When using services by Jacob Cavin, you must follow the following rules. Failing to follow these rules can result in account suspension and even account deletion. The rules are as follows:

  • A user on Jacob Cavin's site must be 13 years and older. Between 13-18 years of age, the child must have permission to use the website from their legal parent or guardian. If a child's legal parent or guardian wishes to have their child's account removed, they must contact us at and we will promptly remove the account.

  • Because children between the ages of 13-18 may be on this website, it is common courtesy to avoid using inappropriate language. Social posts with inappropriate language can be edited and deleted. If a user exhibits a pattern of using inappropriate language, their account will be suspended and could even be removed.

  • We have no tolerance for sexual or inappropriate behavior. This includes any sexual or inappropriate behavior in text, images, and videos. If a user exhibits this behavior, their account will be deleted immediately.  

  • A user must not violate copyright laws or post anything that isn't theirs without giving credit. Violating copyright laws will result in the user's post being deleted and in some cases, their account being deleted. If a copyright holder has an issue with a post on the Social, they can contact us and we will handle it.

  • A user must not post any text, images, or videos related to drugs or drug use. If a user posts content like this, the content will be removed, immediately. Depending on the severity of the post, which we have low tolerance for, a user's account may also be deleted. 

  • The harassment of other users is strictly prohibited. This is no place to harass, spam, abuse, impersonate, or intimidate others. If this is reported, the user will be warned or, depending on the severity of the action, the user's account will be terminated. If a user exhibits a pattern of harassment, their account will be terminated.

  • A few other account terminable offenses include but are not limited to violating a user's privacy, promoting self-harm, commercial activity, and spam.

These rules should be easy to follow. These rules should be followed on any Social pages on Jacob Cavin's website and in Members Chat. If anyone has any questions about our Code of Conduct, feel free to contact us at If you feel as  if a user has broken the community guidelines, you can report them using the form bellow. 

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