Play music. While you drive.



DrivePlay Mauve

The most requested feature for DrivePlay is finally here: Maps & Navigation. Search and navigate anywhere in the world using DrivePlay's unique Maps & Navigation applet.


Beautiful. Customizable. Easy to Use.

Control your music while you drive. Only the most important details are shown to reduce clutter and controls like Play and Shuffle are large, and easily detectable. 

Adaptive Color.

Gets the most prominent colors from the song's album art to create a unique, animated background per song.

DrivePlay Player


Use adaptive color or choose between dozens of color customizations to make DrivePlay unique to you.

DrivePlay Customization


Browse Music. However you like.

Discover new music, browse your library, and more from the entire Apple Music catalog. Including, songs, albums, playlists, and artists.

DrivePlay Browse
DrivePlay Browse Layout


Add, delete, and reorder sections like Heavy Rotation, Recommended, and many more.

DrivePlay Quick Actions

Quick Actions.

Play music, add it to the queue, open artists, and more. Can be found all throughout Browse.

Playlists and Albums.

Play and shuffle songs from entire albums and playlists in your library or the Apple Music catalog.

DrivePlay Playlist


Search the entire catalog for whatever you like. Find artists, songs, albums, and playlists.

DrivePlay Search

Maps & Navigation

DrivePlay Navigation (Wide) (JPEG).jpg

Discover and Navigate.

The new Maps & Navigation applet truly brings a unique, full-fledged navigation system to DrivePlay.


Using Apple Maps' vast catalog of places, search for anything like gas stations, restaurants, and so much more.

DrivePlay Maps Search (Transparent)_edited.png


When it's time to start navigating, choose between different routes that are the best for you. 

DrivePlay Routes (Transparent)_edited.png
DrivePlay Navigation (Transparent)_edited.png


Detailed, step-by-step directions make navigating reallly easy. See the upcoming step as well to prepare for upcoming turns.

DrivePlay Maps Recommendations (Transparent)_edited.png


Favorite places to quickly access them, see your recently navigated places, and check out recommended spots arround town.


Small yet powerful.

Check the weather, call contacts, get a live reading of your speed, and more. Add, reorder, and remove however your like.

DrivePlay Applets
DrivePlay Weather Applet


Get current and upcoming weather conditions and temperature for your area.

DrivePlay Contacts Applet


Choose up to six of your favorite contacts to quickly and easily call while driving.

DrivePlay Speedometer Applet


Check the speed you're driving at a glance. Available in miles and kilometers per hour.

DrivePlay Recently Played Applet

Recently Played.

Quickly view and play your forty

most recently played songs in


So much more

DrivePlay Pass On

Pass On.

Quickly scan and share music.

DrivePlay Battery

Battery Usage.

Save battery in a pinch by fine-tuning animations.

DrivePlay App Icons

App Icons.

Customize DrivePlay's icon from 18 different choices