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DrivePlay is a new way to listen to your music while you drive. It has been designed to be clean, beautiful, and simple and integrate seamlessly with Apple Music.


DrivePlay integrates with your Apple Music library so you can easily play the music you own or music with your subscription. DrivePlay shows the most essential details about your music so you can see what is playing at a glance. Large play, pause, forward, backward, repeat, and shuffle buttons make it incredibly easy to control your music while you drive. You can also use gestures to go back to a previously playing song or skip ahead for more ease of use.


DrivePlay is not only really easy to use but has been designed uniquely and beautifully. Adaptive color gets colors from your music's album art to create a unique background per song. Animated background expands on adaptive color to bring more colors, along with a beautiful animated background. DrivePlay also includes many customization options such as dozens of color styles, app icons, battery usage preferences, and more.



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DrivePlay on the App Store

DrivePlay's Offical Website




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