The iFunnyVlogger app has been temporarily removed from the App Store. The app will be republished sometime in the following months. The new app will have a whole boatload of new features, so be on the lookout!



Due to unfortunate circumstances, the entire brand, iFunnyVlogger, has been rebranded to Jacob Cavin. This means the following has occurred:


1. All iFunnyVlogger branded social media has been rebranded to Jacob Cavin (If you already follow me on my social media, you will not have to re-follow me)


2. The iFunnyVlogger website has been rebranded to


3. The iFunnyVlogger app has been removed from the App Store but will be republished sometime in the following months


Even though the iFunnyVlogger brand no longer exists, this does not mean any content has changed. I will still make the content you guys enjoy but now, it will be branded as Jacob Cavin. 

iFunnyVlogger App

The iFunnyVlogger app was great to begin with, but now it's even better. With the app, you can see relevent information about the day. You can watch and search through all of the videos. You can stay up to date with tweets. You can use fun emoji in iMessage. Shop through the official iFunnyVlogger Merchandise, and a whole lot more


The today view shows relevant information about the day such as the newest video, my latest tweets, recommended playlists, and a lot more.


Here, you can view, search, filter, and of course watch all of my videos. 

Top Picks

I have hand selected my favorite videos and put them all in a playlist. Each video also as a creator insight.


Use fun emoji to chat with your friends in iMessage. We just added four more!


You can shop through all of the offical iFunnyVlogger  Merchandise, and even buy something!

Today Widget

We have designed a widget so you can see if there is a new video with just a glance.


Get notified whenever new, important videos come out and on important news.

Watch App

Check out all of the iFunnyVlogger videos wherever you go with the new Apple Watch app.

Even Better On iPad

The iOS app also takes advantage of the large display on an iPad. And of course, watching videos are so much better.

Some features are only available with iOS 10+