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Jacob Cavin


About Me

Hello! My name is Jacob Cavin. I absolutely love creating things with technology. As soon as I discovered technology, I knew it would be the way I would create stuff for the world to see. As a pre-teen, my cousin, my sister, and I would create series of videos that we would watch ourselves. This made me enjoy making videos and being a content creator.  I make videos on the newest and coolest technology, especially smart home technologies. As I look on the internet, I see videos that are full of stating facts and are honestly boring. I try to be the opposite of that. I strive to make videos that are fun and put my viewers in a comfortable environment. I also make my videos informational and educational, but I disguise it so my viewers do not get bored. My overall goal is to build relationships with my audience. I love what I do. Every video is so exciting for me because it is something new I can share with the world. I can't wait to share that excitement with you!


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Sponsorship Details

What do sponsored videos look like?

Most sponsorships are product reviews. In a sponsored product review, I will unbox, set-up, and review the product. This includes a demo on how to use the product by itself and a demo on how to use the product combined with any other compatible products. I am also completely open to any ideas the sponsorer has and will try to make their vision a reality to the best of my ability.

Where are the sponsorer's products or services linked?

Products and services will be linked in the video description. The link will be towards the top of the description and will be easily accessible. Towards the beginning of the sponsored video, I will inform viewers of the link. If the product or services have multiple links, I will include all of them.

What is the fee for a sponsorship?

The fee for a sponsorship will vary. Contact me at to learn more.

How are product or service giveaways handled?

I am open to doing giveaways in a sponsored video. In the video, I will explain the giveaway to my viewers and tell them how to enter. Most of the time, there will be a link to a website to enter the giveaway in the video description. The sponsorer can decide whether to send the giveaway item to me or directly to the winner. Winners are normally chosen in 2 weeks after the giveaway announcement, but this can be changed upon request. Giveaways can also be announced on Jacob Cavin's Twitter and Instagram.


To begin a sponsorship with Jacob Cavin, contact him at

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