Hello! My name is Jacob Cavin. I absolutely love creating things with technology. As soon as I discovered technology, I knew it would be the way I would create stuff for the world to see. As a pre-teen, my cousin, my sister, and I would create series of videos that we would watch ourselves. This made me enjoy making videos and being a content creator.  I make videos on the newest and coolest technology, especially smart home technologies. As I look on the internet, I see videos that are full of stating facts and are honestly boring. I try to be the opposite of that. I strive to make videos that are fun and put my viewers in a comfortable environment. I also make my videos informational and educational, but I disguise it so my viewers do not get bored. My overall goal is to build relationships with my audience. I love what I do. Every video is so exciting for me because it is something new I can share with the world. I can't wait to share that excitement with you!



Jacob Cavin can be contacted at or via the contact form below.