DrivePlay Mauve Brings Maps & Navigation


August 19, 2022

Today, I released DrivePlay Mauve, the latest edition of DrivePlay. Mauve brings one of the most requested features for DrivePlay; Maps & Navigation. This is a huge update so let's get into it! 


Search and discover places around the world like restaurants, gas stations, and so much more

- Search for locations using their name, address, or kind (like “grocery store”)

- Choose the right route for you, with the fastest routes always at the top

- Call a location or visit their website to quickly learn more

- Preview a route and see its directions before starting


Detailed, step-by-step navigation provided by Apple Maps

- See upcoming turns, always staying a step ahead

- Informative icons to quickly see what action needs to be taken

- Glanceable time remaining and ETA

- Instructions using natural language, like time remaining in a direction

- Supports many languages


- Favorite places to quickly navigate to them, without having to search

- Quickly travel to your recently navigated places

- Discover new places recommended for you based on the day and time


As always, Maps & Navigation has been uniquely designed with safety and simplicity at the forefront

- Large titles and buttons, always showing the most relevant information first

- Glancable navigation directions and ETA centralized at the bottom

- Available minimized and in full-screen

Unique to any other navigation app out there


- Fixed minor Speedometer issues for users using kph

- Increased support and transparency for users without an Apple Music subscription

- Fixes bugs for devices running iOS 12 and lower

- Fixes bugs in the MiniPlayer

- Other bug fixes and general improvements

Why Mauve?

I wanted to change how DrivePlay updates are named. Calling an update DrivePlay 1.4 (which is the version of Mauve) is just not fun. Much like the app, I wanted to make DrivePlay's updates unique and memorable. 

That being said, I decided to go with a naming convention for major DrivePlay releases; shades of purple. Purple is DrivePlay's main theme color and I hope to be a defining characteristic of DrivePlay in the future.

Future releases will also be named after shades of purple, and I'll be dropping hints as to what those names may be. 

Be sure to fo DrivePlay on Instagram to to get updates, vote on new features, and more!


Download or update for free on the App Store


Learn more about DrivePlay

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