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May 22, 2020

ShutterCast is a fun project I've been working on during quarentine and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Once quarentine hit, I found myself wanting to do more live streams on YouTube and Twitch. I did a whole range of things from gameplays, talk shows, and more. One thing was missing, though, and that was a good camera. I did not have the money to go buy a webcam so I thought to looks for some apps that I could use on my iPhone. These apps were too expensive and too gimiky for me. I didn't want to spend 10s of dollars on an app that didn't work or was way too confusing to use. So, I deided to make one myself.

I used the app for a few weeks before I thought "I should make this availible to the public," and that's when ShutterCast was born. I immedietly started to work up an app that would be very simple to use and user friendly. I didn't want the users to have to download extra software and plugins to thier Macs, and that was sort of my business statement... simplicity. Although simplicity does take time. After a few months, my quarentine project was ready and I released it to the world. 

ShutterCast is an extremely simple way to connect your iPhone to your Mac and use it in OBS, Streamlabs OBS, and most broadcasting software... all without breaking the bank!

We use a wired USB connection to your Mac for zero latency and the most ease of use. There is no software or program you have to install on your Mac. We use system-default settings which take away all of the hassles of using a typical iPhone to OBS app. This means that truly all you need is your iPhone!


- Use your iPhone as a camera in OBS and Streamlabs OBS (as well as most broadcasting software)

- Access to both the front-facing and back-facing cameras

- Switch cameras while live

- Use multiple iPhone cameras in OBS

- Dozens of Q&As to help you learn and use OBS

- Customization to make the app unique to you

- Fit to screen and 16:9 views for compatible devices

- Smart alerts to make sure everything is good before streaming

- Supports iOS 10.3 and above

- Supports StreamLabs!

- Supports Dark Mode


To use ShutterCast, you simply connect your iPhone to your Mac with a lightning cable and open OBS! Getting set up is extremely easy as well and only takes a few seconds. This is all meticulously laid out in the Help Q&As inside the app.

Please keep in mind that ShutterCast only works with a connection to a Mac, not a PC, and has only been tested with the top broadcasting software, OBS and Streamlabs OBS, but may work with most other broadcasting software.

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