ShutterCast 2.1


January 8, 2021

Happy 2021! To welcome the new year, I'm bringing ShutterCast to the big screens!

I've been working on this update to ShutterCast for a few months now and I am very excited to bring it to you guys! The headlining feature; ShutterCast is now compatible with both iPhone and iPad! Users can use the same functionality they loved from their iPhones, but now on the bigger screen of the iPad. Because the iPad has such a dramatic difference in form factor, changes needed to be made to the UI to provide the most seamless experience possible. The iPad app contains a new design to make the most use of its big screen and it works in both verticle and horizontal orientations.

In addition to adding iPad support, I've also designed a new, and very unique Black and White theme. This theme changes all aspects of the app, including a new, app icon! I've also redesigned the interface for changing your gestures.

I hope you guys enjoy this update, and I'm working on even more to come. Since it is the end of the year, I wanted to take some time to thank everyone for all of the amazing support for ShutterCast in 2020! In only seven months after its launch, ShutterCast has almost 5,000 units sold. That's amazing! Thank you to everyone for the support, and I hope to continue to create things that will help your lives, daily! Here's to 2021!

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