Sand Dunes

The Abstract Earth I Collection


September 25, 2020

Over the years, I've taken A LOT of pictures and I've learned a lot while doing so. I had an idea a few months ago to publish some of my photos I've taken to share my creations and make a few extra dollars.

Introducing the Abstract Abstract Earth I Collection.

For this first collection, I have decided to go with some of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. In 2019, I went to Yellowstone and got to see some amazing natural hot springs. I was very inspired by their colorful beauty and that lead me to experiment with some abstract photos. I absolutely love these. My idea behind these is that they can be used for some beautiful wallpapers but, of course, they can be used for anything you want!

This collection is, of course, available here at, but I am also making some of them available on Shutterstock and Adobe Stock with more services being added in the future. As for pricing, on, there are three options available; Standard, Commercial, and Extended with photos starting at just $2!  Shutterstock and Adobe Stock sets their own prices and options so check them out to see what you like best.

All of the services are linked below so you can learn more there. I hope you guys love this collection and I will be adding more in the future!


Check them out at

Check them out on Shutterstock

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