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Jacob Cavin Profile (Feb 2021) (circle).

Jacob Cavin

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Hey! My name is Jacob Cavin and I am 19 years old. I love creating with technology. Whether it's coding, design, photography, videography, or everything in between, I always love to be creating!

In May of 2015, I created my YouTube channel. Ever since then, I've been posting videos on there. I usually make tech review videos with some cool b-roll, but you can also find vlogs, challenges, and more on my YouTube channel. I've had the opportunity to work with companies like Google Nest, Phillips, Eufy, and many others. I've accumulated over 4,700,000 views and have reached milestones like 10,000 followers and soon 20,000.

During July and August of 2020, I started migrating a lot of my content over to Instagram, and with the addition of Instagram Reels, I moved over to Instagram as my main social media platform. Not to leave my YouTube channel behind, though, as I continue to post content, but not as regularly.

In addition to creating on social media, I also love to code. I started developing iOS apps as far back as 2015. I am completely self-taught by learning through blogs, tutorials, and YouTube videos. In November of 2016, I released my first app for my YouTube channel, known then as iFunnyVlogger, but in December of 2018, it had to be removed due to legal reasons. In July of 2017, I released another app called BOLD Music with a 2.0 update in December, but I have since then been working on other things. Finally, in May of 2020, I released my newest app, ShutterCast, and have been working on updates since. I have a few other projects in the work and am always creating more. 

I am currently enrolled in college to get an associate's degree in Computer Applications Development and am scheduled to graduate in the Spring of 2022.

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